About me

My name is Alara Nalan İŞÇİ I was born on 25.02.2005 I’m 10 grader at Empathy Anatolian High School, I have been interested in drawing as long as I know myself, my mother who is  very supportive support me  to paint . I saw that it gave me peace and happiness. I have been painting   for about seven years. I have made many paintings (I paint these oil paintings on canvas) until this time.I am proud to share my feelings and thoughts in these paintings with you.


Aegean Coast

Dimensions: 80x60

In this painting, which is reminiscent of the summer months, mostly blue tones that I used in many other colours, in a small street, the architectural structure full of two flowers consists of cobblestone. The story of this picture is everybody likes going to Aegean coast in summers, but I always go there in September, because in Aegean coast is different at this time of the year. The smell of the fresh unpolluted air coming to your nose, the sand that sticks to your feet, the children are sprinting around and the crystal-clear sea which is the most fascinating. If one day your soul takes to Turkey, you should definitely visit the basement. When I decided to make this painting I recall the days and the feelings I experienced at this place. Bodrum is full of such unique streets and this is just one of those streets...


Dimensions: 70x70

This painting was created in 2017. In this painting a young ballerina with her hair from above is looking out of the window with her small pink tincture, mostly green tones dominate the picture. Actually this is one of my favourite paintings because it’s different from my other paintings my paintings which are generally inspired visually by landscape views. However, in this one unlike the others, instead of drawing a landscape, I drew a performance art that I liked very much which I thought impressive, elegant, beautiful art. If you examine this picture, many of you might think different things depending on your imagination. For example, when I drew this I imagined one little girl who looks hardworking and so determined. I painted it, as I always dreamed that this little girl would grow up and become a famous ballerina one day and devote her whole life to this art. I tried to hide a message of keeping hope all the time and never give up your dreams till you reach them.

Moon Light

Dimensions: 70x70

In this painting you can see all tones of blue. It is the most beautiful time of the night. You can watch dancing colours on the sea while you sip your wine. Perfect taste and smell and naturally magnificent fresh grapes around you. Despite the crowd and dynamic life of the city, your soul is very hosts the peace and temptation of the perfect atmosphere. On that mood you definitely need a small boat.